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Robert Destro, professor of law, was quoted in a Sept. 25 Catholic News Agency/EWTN News article about Pope Francis’s address to the United Nations General Assembly.

How the Pope used the environment to preach to the UN

From: Catholic News Agency/EWTN News
Date: Sept. 25, 2015
Author: Matt Hadro

“That is the legal definition of genocide,” Professor Robert Destro of the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law told CNA. Pope Francis did not use the term “genocide,” but his words made it crystal clear that is what is taking place, he explained.

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Religious leaders, scholars ask Obama to declare ISIS violence a genocide

From: Catholic News Agency/EWTN News
Date: Oct. 7, 2015

In a later interview with CNA, Professor Robert Destro remarked that the Holy Father, with those words, used what is “the legal definition of genocide” to describe the atrocities without saying the actual word “genocide.”

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