The Catholic University of America

University President John Garvey and David Dawson Vasquez, director of CUA's Rome program, were interviewed by the National Catholic Register about the new Rome Center. See below.

New Rome Center Will Strengthen Catholic Universities’ Identity

From: National Catholic Register
Date: March 17, 2015
Author: Cecilia O'Reilly


“Rome has so much to offer our students,” CUA President John Garvey told the Register, when asked about the Rome center. “It’s an incredible place to get an education in Western culture generally and Catholicism in particular. It connects you to the Roman Catholic Church in a way it doesn’t anywhere else.”

For CUA, the Rome Center signifies a place to finally call home in the city — previously residing in St. John’s University in the Prati neighborhood — since it started its Rome program 10 years ago.

“We had space, but no identity. It’s still ‘St. John’s’ outside,” said CUA’s Rome director, David Dawson Vasquez, while speaking with the Register.

With the new center, “we not only have our space, but, also, we can put a big sign outside. We can say, ‘This is the Rome Center of the CUA and ACU,’ and the whole idea of two continents on a third continent is attractive.”


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