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Andreas Widmer, director, entrepreneurship programs, wrote an essay for Catholic Business Journal on how Pope Francis's 15 ailments of the curia line up with common business ailments. See below.

Pope Francis on the Health of Your Company

From: Catholic Business Journal
Author: Andreas Widmer

The Vatican is the spiritual center of Catholicism, and hosts the church bureaucracy, the Curia. Like any human organization, the Vatican’s Curia has its share of “HR issues.” Pope Francis recently identified 15 very specific ailments that he claims befall the Curia. Like any good leader, he not only identifies the problem but suggests solutions.

Reading them, I cannot help to feel that I’ve seen - if not committed - each one of them, at some time in my career. These ailments don’t just apply to the Curia but to every company I’ve worked at or advised. Here are the 15 ailments as they appear in business and the solutions Pope Francis proposes modified to fit business instead of the Church. Take a look and see if they resonate. ...

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