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William Dinges, Professor, Religious Studies was quoted in a Washington Post article discussing Pope Francis's position on humanity's care for the environment. See below.

Catholics are obligated to care for the planet, just like care for the sick, Pope Francis says 

From: The Washington Post
Date: Sept. 1, 2016
Author: Julie Zauzmer

...William Dinges, a religious studies professor at Catholic University of America, said he has seen Francis’s earlier writings and speeches on the environment propel parishes to focus on ecological activism, and elevating that activity to a work of mercy will further spur Catholic volunteerism.
Catholics are long accustomed to social justice meant to help people, and are learning that helping the planet helps people too, Dinges said. “Where he’s really, I think, pushing us forward in Catholic social teaching is trying to get us to see that this is one problem. It’s not two, separate and unrelated,” Dinges said of the problems of climate change and poverty...

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