The Catholic University of America

Julie Vidrick Evans, CUA alumna, and Joy-Leilani Garrett, PhD candidate, musicology, were featured in a Washington Post article profiling local organists. See below.

From players, pipes and pedals, a celestial song

From: The Washington Post
Date: July 29, 2016
Author: T.R. Goldman

There’s nothing like the swell of a powerful pipe organ in the right room. You can feel the lowest pedal notes in your stomach, or the lambent whisper of the tiniest pipes, with their delicate, shimmering sound.

Free the pipe organ from its conventional hymnal strictures and open it to the full spectrum of classical music, and you’ll experience a delirious choice of sounds. It’s an old instrument, and virtually unchanged through the years — the mechanical version that Dietrich Buxtehude used in the 17th century and J.S. Bach played a bit later is still in use today....

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