The Catholic University of America

President John Garvey, was interviewed in a feature published by Crux discussing Pope Francis's Reputation, Controversial Campus Invitations, and Building a Great Catholic University. See below.

Catholic U leader says Francis is the pope the times require

From: Crux 
Date: October 25, 2016
Author:Christopher White

...Catholic University of America President John Garvey, among the more intriguing figures on the U.S... Catholic landscape, says the genius of Pope Francis is that he doesn't begin with the rules, but with the Good News of redemption and mercy...

...Garvey was recently in New York for the Al Smith Dinner where Presidential hopefuls Trump and Clinton roasted themselves, and each other, to raise money for Catholic charities. I caught up with Garvey the day after the dinner to discuss Pope Francis, Catholic education, and, naturally, his thoughts on this election cycle...

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Catholics and the ‘trolley problem’ of the presidential elections

From: Crux 
Date: October 27, 2016
Author: Christopher White


...By inclination, Garvey is a doer, and although Catholic University has long occupied the back burner on the Washington, D.C., landscape relative to its better-known rival Georgetown, on Garvey’s watch the campus is increasingly becoming a go-to destination for Catholic thinkers and activists. Last September, the university welcomed Pope Francis to its campus during his visit to the United States...


...Garvey has set his sights on building a great Catholic university here in the United States, one modeled after Pope Francis’s vision of a Church that “works for the integral development of every person.”

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