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Michael Gorman, associate professor, philosophy, was quoted in an op-ed published in the Washington Post discussing the morality of taking the last chocolate. See below.

Exploring the legal, moral and economic implications of the office candy jar

From: The Washington Post
Date: October 10, 2016 
Author: John Kelly

...For guidance, I called Michael Gorman, associate professor of philosophy at Catholic University. Should you take the last chocolate?

“There are some absolute rules in life,” he said. “This isn’t going to be one of them.”

And yet, philosophy can be our guide. Said Michael: “I was thinking about something Aristotle said: A good person is more interested in giving than in receiving. But he also said that sometimes a way to be a friend to somebody is to let them give something to you.”

In Michael’s thinking, the people who dispense office chocolate enjoy doing so. Taking the last chocolate makes them happy...

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