The Catholic University of America

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington and Chancellor of the University, spoke during a class on virtues taught by University President John Garvey. His lecture was covered by the Catholic Standard, Catholic News Agency, and Crux. It was mentioned in a National Catholic Reporter blog. See below.

Wuerl says teaching and pastoral judgment ‘not the same thing’

From: Crux
Date: May 9, 2016
Author: Mark Zimmermann

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, named by Pope Francis to a drafting team for the reports of his two Synods of Bishops on the family, says the pontiff’s own document concluding the synods make clear that broad Church teaching, and pastoral judgment on how to apply the teaching in individual cases, “are not the same thing.”

In an April 27 talk at the Catholic University of America, Wuerl said last year’s synod “affirmed that there is a difference between the teaching on the indissolubility of marriage, a doctrine of the Church, and the pastoral judgment concerning individuals’ relationships to the sacraments.”

“The two realities are greatly related, but they are not the same,” the Washington, D.C., archbishop said. ...

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Cardinal Wuerl on Amoris Laetitia

From: National Catholic Reporter
Date: May 3, 2016
Author: Michael Sean Winters

I have been wondering when we were going to hear from the bishops in the U.S. who support the pope! When Amoris Laetitia was issued, there were some initial statements and press conferences, but soon the commentary went mostly negative, Some bishops have penned columns that relativized the apostolic exhortation excessively. Cardinal Raymond Burke denied Amoris Laetitia was a magisterial test at all! And, Mary Hunt, the feminist theologian, pounced on the text as an opportunity lost because it lacked affirmation of the ever expanding acronym for sexual difference that is her calling card.

Of course, it is easy to pick out a few phrases from any given text to make a point one had already concluded before reading the document. To do what the pope asked, to read it prayerfully and slowly with a view towards appropriating it for oneself, this takes more time. Just as at the synod last fall, after a week of misinformation from those who oppose the pope, it fell to Washington’s Cardinal Donald Wuerl to set the record straight in a series of interviews, it is the same Cardinal Wuerl who, in a talk at Catholic University last week, engaged Amoris Laetitia in the same spirit with which it was written, a spirit of pastoral solicitude.

Cardinal Wuerl organized his talk around four major points. He began with a short overview of the exhortation’s content, then provided a reflection on the consensus the document represents. Third, he demonstrated how the text was in profound continuity with the previous magisterium of the Church, and fourth, he outlined some of its pastoral implications and offered some guidance. ...

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Cardinal says new document emphasizes role of all in renewing family life

From: Catholic Standard
Date: April 27, 2016
Author: Mark Zimmermann

In a special April 27 talk to students and other members of The Catholic University of America community, Cardinal Donald Wuerl said Pope Francis’s new document encourages a renewal of marriage and family life through a “pastoral accompaniment” on the part of the Church and its members, bringing God’s love and mercy to individuals and families in all stages of life, especially when they are facing difficulties.

“For the Holy Father, the pastoral mission of the Church, focused on the lived expression of mercy and love, is expressed in these four principal activities: listening, accompanying, discerning and evangelizing,” the cardinal said. “…He (the pope) also draws attention to stages of life where this pastoral accompaniment of families is especially important: in preparing for marriage, in the first years after marriage, during times of crisis, in cases of marital breakdown, and when families are touched by death.”

Cardinal Wuerl gave a talk on Pope Francis’s new apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia (Latin for “The Joy of Love”) as part of a special presentation to a class on the virtues taught by John Garvey, Catholic University’s president. About 150 people, including students, faculty members, priests, seminarians and other guests, attended the talk at the university’s Pryzbyla Center.

The cardinal, who as archbishop of Washington serves as the university’s chancellor, also sometimes gives talks to classes there in his role as CUA’s William Cardinal Baum professor of theology – named for Washington archbishop from 1973-80 who was a noted theologian and ecumenist.

Cardinal Wuerl noted that listening, accompanying and helping in the discernment of people who might feel themselves apart from the Church is an evangelizing outreach for all Catholics. “Such an effort can take place among friends, coworkers, even among family members,” the cardinal said. “As in most efforts to evangelize, to bring another closer to Christ, the very activity itself brings the evangelizer that much closer to the Lord.” ...

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For Cardinal Wuerl, Pope Francis calls Christians to evangelize through marriage

From: Catholic News Agency
Date: April 27, 2016
Author: Matt Hadro

Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation on love in the family presents a special challenge to laypeople to evangelize, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington said Wednesday at the Catholic University of America.

One finding of the recent synods on the family was that “we have a lot of catechesis to do, a lot of sharing the faith,” Cardinal Wuerl said April 27 in his address to university students and professors on Amoris laetitia, and the synods which led up to its publication. The exhortation presented both a “beautiful gift” and an “extraordinary challenge” to the Church, the cardinal maintained.

Catechesis is needed because many people “only have a vague idea” of Church teaching on “marriage, morality, family, even something as basic as the obligations of the commandments,” he noted.

Cardinal Wuerl spoke as a special presentation in the class of university president John Garvey on “The Virtues.” ...

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