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Michael Root, professor, theology, was quoted in a National Catholic Register story on Catholic/Lutheran relations. See below.

Catholics and Lutherans Find Common Ground as Reformation's 500th Anniversary Approaches

From: National Catholic Register
Date: Jan. 12, 2016
Author: Peter Jesserer Smith

... While the ecumenical agreements are important, the expectations for the immediate future are tempered by realism.

“Christians should always be hopeful, but hopeful is not to mean optimistic,” Michael Root, a professor at The Catholic University of America, who has taken part in ecumenical dialogue representing the Lutheran side of his faith until his conversion to Catholicism in 2010. But unforeseen changes do happen, he said, such as the Church’s affirmation of ecumenical dialogue that took place at the Second Vatican Council.

“One needs to be open to do the work,” he said.

Root said the dialogues have resulted in real achievements and have covered enormous ground in the past 50 years.

“When the dialogue first started, there were few contacts, and they were far more negative,” he said. ...

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