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John Kenneth White, professor, politics, published an article in the New York Daily News on how democrats have reclaimed core American values. See below.

How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats dished the Whigs — and reclaimed core American values from Donald Trump and the Republicans

From: New York Daily News
Date: July 29, 2016
Author: John Kenneth White

... The consequences of these fateful political missteps are now clear. Democrats can quote Ronald Reagan freely, as he has passed into history (in much the same way as Reagan liked to quote FDR). Reagan’s “morning in America” has been transformed into a political midnight for the Republican Party, and hopeful rhetoric has been replaced by fear. The damage that has been done to Donald Trump this week is staggering. But even more consequential is the damage that has been inflicted on the Republican Party. It will take years for the party to recover.

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