The Catholic University of America

Andreas Widmer, director of entrepreneurship programs, business, was quoted in an Inc. story on social entrepreneurship and Toms shoes. See below.

What's Next for Toms, the $400 Million For-Profit Built on Karmic Capital

From: Inc.
Date: May 2016
Author: Leigh Buchanan

... Toms is always seeking better ways to give. In particular, it seems to be addressing one criticism that has dogged it for years: that it offers humanitarian aid rather than economic development. "The whole principle of buy-one-get-one-free for a poor person--that's not a sustainable model," says Andreas Widmer, director of entrepreneurship at the Catholic University of America. In 2006, Widmer, who was then running a social venture fund, gave Toms an innovation award. But he later grew skeptical. Being a giver of fish rather than a teacher of fishing "is not the way to deal with poverty," says Widmer. ...

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