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 Chad Pecknold published an op-ed in the Washington Examiner on the ACLU’s #PeoplesOath See below.

With its #PeoplesOath campaign, the ACLU reveals its confused moral calculus

From: Washington Examiner 
Date: Jan. 16, 2017
Author: C.C. Pecknold

... The American Civil Liberties Union is promoting what they're calling the "People's Oath." The protest campaign tells us that when President-elect Trump takes his oath of office on Friday, the people will take a similar oath: "I do solemnly swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution."

Added to these initial words of the ACLU version are specifications for what the oath must mean in the official lexicon of American liberal identity politics: to ensure that my daughter never has to endure racism, or has anyone telling her what she can or can't do with her body, or sexuality, or religion.

We are reminded of the importance of this oath especially for gay sex, and especially for Islam. We are told of the importance of all such oath-taking for a woman's right to choose, especially the choice to abort the very small person developing in her womb. "To ensure that Planned Parenthood's doors stay open," is even included as one of many suggestions for how people can choose to conclude the oath. ...

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