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Robert Destro, professor, law, was quoted in a National Catholic Register story on "bathroom bills." See below.

Gender Identity “Bathroom Bills” Battles To Continue in 2017

From: National Catholic Register
Date: Jan. 3, 2017
Author: Brian Fraga

... Destro, who has written about the intersection of constitutional law and the homosexual and transgender rights movements, told the Register that people who oppose those ideologies as being incompatible with the truth of human nature and sexuality have been put in a difficult spot because activists for those causes, aided by a sympathetic national media, have sought to capture the moral high ground in the debate.

“So the question becomes what exactly is the obligation of someone who doesn’t buy it?” said Destro, speaking of transgenderism. “Do people have to treat it as a norm and treat people according to their gender identity? Then you run into serious questions, like locker rooms and sports teams. The same thing has happened in the military with the whole idea of the government having to pay for [sex-change] surgery, and there is some debate whether or not that surgery is even ethical.” ...

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