The Catholic University of America

University President John Garvey was quoted in a Crux story on the funeral of Michael Novak. See below.

At his funeral friends praise faith and humanity of Michael Novak

From: Crux
Date: Feb. 26, 2017
Author: Mark Zimmermann


... John Garvey, CUA’s president, reflected on what an honor it was for the renowned scholar to come home to the university as a faculty member in the last year of his life.
He admired Novak, he said, “not just as a scholar. He was a wonderful human being. He made you feel like a better person to be in his company.”
Considering that Novak devoted so much of his life to reflecting on business as a vocation and that his thinking had such an influence on the university’s new program that he joined, “There couldn’t be a better patron saint for the business school than Michael Novak,” Garvey said. ...

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