The Catholic University of America

Rev. Sidney Griffith, professor emeritus, Semitics, was quoted in a Catholic News Service story on the need for more Catholic-Muslim dialogue. Read more.

Need seen for bringing Catholic-Muslim dialogue to wider U.S. public

From: NWI Catholic
Date: March 7, 2017
Author: Paulist Father Thomas Ryan


... During the dialogue, the presenter on the Catholic side, Father Sidney Griffith of The Catholic University of America in Washington noted how the 99 names of God which Muslims draw from their scriptures and honor in praying with beads call Christians to examine their own Scriptures more deeply to see where these names for God find representation in Christian Scriptures as well.


"The beautiful names of Father, Son and Holy Spirit," noted Father Griffith, "are the primary names of God that appear in our Christian holy Scriptures. And the theological formulas that have evolved over the centuries in Church councils represent our efforts to understand these names of God."

Father Griffith said that talking about God's names and attributes can be an occasion for Christians to say, "You think we Christians go too far, but we don't think you Muslims go far enough. However, if our differences cannot find a resolution, they can at least find a better understanding of how we come to what we believe." ...

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