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James McCrery was mentioned in a Christian Review story in December on church renovations. A story in The Catholic Thing expanded upon the December story and again mentions him.   See below.

Before & After: 13 Beautiful Sanctuary Renovations Worth Celebrating

From: The Christian Review
Date: Dec. 26, 2016
Author: Peter LaFave

... Fortunately, recent years have brought a renaissance in sacred architecture, with architects such as Duncan Stroik and James McCrery designing a collection of beautifully-designed, traditional churches. That trend is also manifest in the growing number of traditional renovations recently, a number of which can be seen below. ... 

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Architectural Signs of Hope

From: The Catholic Thing
Date: Jan. 19, 2017
Author: Randall Smith

... There are architects trained to build beautiful churches. The website at the link above mentions two of the best: the aforementioned Stroik and James McCrery. There are others, most of them trained at Notre Dame’s School of Architecture. Find one. Demand better. The fathers of the Second Vatican Council will smile on you from heaven. ... 

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