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Mary Leary published commentary in National Review on how our culture has allowed misogyny, which is now reflected politically. See below.

We’ve Allowed a Culture That Devalues Women to Blossom

From: National Review
Date: Jan. 28, 2017
Author: Mary Graw Leary

It’s no surprise that that culture is reflected in our politics.

There is a great deal of anger in the air these days: anger at the state of the country, anger at the media, anger at the government, and anger at sweeping ignorance. There are good reasons to feel angry and concerned, especially for women, because, this past November, there was a wave of people willing to (at best) temporarily put aside and (at worst) completely ignore disturbing statements made on the campaign trail about women. These vulgarities ripped back the curtain to reveal how low on the ladder women are considered in some sections of society. ..


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