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Matt Green was quoted in a Washington Post story about Democrats skipping Trump’s inauguration. See below.

The one metric that predicts which Democrats are most likely to skip Donald Trump’s inauguration

From: The Washington Post
Date: January 19, 2017
Author: Amber Phillips

... Skipping out on the inauguration of one of the most controversial presidents in modern history is one way to signal your progressive bona fides, said Matt Green, a political science professor at Catholic University.

“They might be thinking,” Green said, "'Do I want to be challenged in a primary by someone who says: Your representative went to Trump's inauguration, even after he insulted John Lewis'? Whether that's fair or unfair, that's one attack ad you don't want to have in 2018.” 

“The big question now is,” Green said, “whether this becomes an expectation going forward that people of the opposite party of the president-elect don't go to the inauguration.” ...

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